Gifts for history lovers this Mother's Day

Our original design honoring the "1773 Boston Tea Party". Made by hand in New England. Each bracelet comes in a beautiful box and includes a small card with a historical account of the event along with a "1773" sticker.

"1773 Boston Tea Party" bracelet

Also available, the  Stamp Act Bracelet and the "Seal of  Newport Rhoade Island Counsel" necklace with a large, oval wax seal featuring a sheep with the words, "Seal of  Newport Rhoade Island Counsel" from the Newport Historical Society. 

Jewelry from The History List

The perfect presents for empowered women...

These "Jailed for Freedom" pin and pendant with chain depict a jail door, with a heart-shaped lock and chain attached.

Jailed for Freedom pin and pendant


A modern replica in support of the women's suffrage, the phrase "Votes for Women" in a pennant pin, stickers, magnets, and button pins.

Votes for Women

Taken from famous propaganda posters that encouraged women to take up jobs during WWII, "We Can Do It!" Magnet, "She's a W.O.W." sticker and magnet, and "Rosie the Riveter" Cookie cutter.


Our collection of v-neck shirts not only features a flattering cut but it is also made from a super soft shirt that has been getting rave reviews from day 1. Available in your favorite original designs: "History Nerd" with Ben Franklin in light red heather, "Revolutionary Superheroes" in black, "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of History" in light red heather, and "Victory" in Vintage navy.

The History List V-necks


The perfect tote bag for history lovers, with our rallying cry, "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of history," printed very large on one side.  Exclusively ours. When you carry this bag, you affirm your love of history and remind others of its importance.

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of history" Tote bags

Our "History Nerd" with Ben Franklin caps is a great accessory this summer and on your next historic road trip, when attending battle reenactments or living history events, and for exploring historic sites.

"History Nerd" with Ben Franklin caps

For the home, the Old North Church Lantern, a replica of the ones used to signal the riders on the night of April 18, 1775, "Join or Die" framed print, and our exclusive Framed Set of Revolutionary Documents: "America to her Mistaken Mother" and "Britannia to America"

History decorations for your home

Another great choice is the "We hold these truths - July 4, 1776" mugs and the "History Nerd" with Ben Franklin mugs.

History coffee mugs

The bestselling "The Road to Concord: How Four Stolen Cannon Ignited the Revolutionary War", signed by historian J. L. Bell. 

The Road to Concord book by J. L. Bell


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