August 2, 2015

Visiting Shelburne Museum and one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of Americana anywhere

Shelburne really deserves at least two full days; I was only able to spend one day, but will be back.  These 650+ photographs show only a small part of the collection on display.  More information on Shelburne Museum is on their page on The History List.



Shelburne Museum - July 2015


The Round Barn, with carriages, coaches, sleighs, wagons, and other means of horse-drawn transportation. 

Shelburne Museum Carriages, Buggys, Wagons, and Sleighs


The Circus building, with carousel animals, a 500+ foot long miniature circus parade, a 3,500-piece miniature three-ring circus, circus posters, and more.

Shelburne Museum Circus Building




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