May 15, 2012

The Rider Tavern in Charlton, Massachusetts is one of the reasons we started The History List

Last night I made a brief presentation on The History List to a group of historical societies that get together and share ideas once a quarter.  (Here's the one-page "How to" designed for staff, interns, and volunteers.)  The group is led by Diane Calvano, who has done a great job creating a forum for historical society board members and volunteers throughout the area.

Last night's meeting was hosted by the Charlton Historical Society and held in Rider Tavern (1799), which the Society owns and has restored over the years.  General Lafayette, entertained at the tavern in 1824, is one of its famous guests.

Rider Tavern, an off-the-beaten-path treasure—Charlton, Massachusetts has a population of around 13,000—is one of the reasons we started The History List: To create a way for organizations such as the Charlton Historical Society to reach beyond their community and let more people know about their events and exhibits, museums and sites.  From the pictures (below) taken last night, I'm sure you can see why Rider Tavern is worth a visit.

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