December 18, 2015

The innovation imperative and the pace of change, from Facebook's "Little Red Book"

Facebook's "Little Red Book"—really an unfortunate title for anyone aware of history—helps reinforce the company's philosophy, including on innovation and the pace of change.  Two excerpts below, and more here.


Running a historical society, history museum, historic house museum, or historic site is much different than providing an app or social service or other online product. And yes, there are a billion differences between Facebook the company and what we do as volunteers at or employees of history organizations, but there are some good ideas here.  

Granted, some will react reflexively and negatively, but perhaps that means helping people move out of their comfort zone, or at least getting them to think about change and innovation.

Not suggesting change for the sake of change, or that the new thing is better than the old thing—far from it—but rather that we need to be thinking about why we’re doing what we’re doing and the possibility, and ability, to do something new.

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