November 24, 2019

Preview of our 2019 special offers for the holidays

Last night we made a video announcing our holiday offer of a choice of six different gifts for orders made before midnight Eastern on Monday, December 2. This coming Monday, November 25, we'll post the video and send out email to everyone, but I wanted you to know in advance.

In fact, we made a second video for you, our biggest supporters.  I wanted to tell you not only about those holiday offers, but also highlight four special products that we're almost out of so you'll have the first chance at them: 

So watch the video, and you'll find additional details on the six free gifts here.

And finally, our newest gift: The gift of History Camp with a gift certificate good for any History Camp. Next year History Camps will be held in Boston, Holyoke, MA, Philadelphia, Fairfax, VA, Des Moines, and Denver. The gift recipient can pick their camp and the year they want to attend. They will get a History Camp t-shirt, full registration to any one of these History Camps or any History Camp in the future, and merchandise from The History List store.

Thanks for your continued support of The History List. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

— Lee Wright  |  Founder  |  The History List  |  History Camp













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