April 30, 2014

Interning at The History List

The History List is the largest list of history-related events across the country, and as we've said, "we're just getting started."

I'm looking for someone to help advance these efforts over the coming months who is . . .

  • High-motivated
  • Meticulous
  • Curious
  • Eager to learn
  • Willing to take smart risks
  • Fluent with social media
  • An excellent writer
  • Passionate about helping connect people to the history all around them
  • Smart
  • Clever
  • Hard working
  • Creative and analytical

Sounds like most every internship or first-job-out-of-college position description, doesn't it?

So why The History List?  For better or for worse, it's not the money—no one is drawing any salary.  Instead, The History List brings together a unique set of opportunities:

  • Working in a micro startup with an entrepreneur with many years of experience across many different industries and markets
  • Creating a SaaS platform
  • Building a community of history organizations and individuals interested in history
  • Leverages social media
  • You'll see your impact from Day 1

Innovations from The History List

The History List has been an innovator in several areas, including creating the first events platform designed for history organizations and travelers interested in history throughout the U.S.

  • Easy for organizations of all sizes to use, including small, all-volunteer organizations.
  • Affordable.  There is no cost to list your history organization or event.
  • Includes the ability to list events, organizations, and venues, perfect for organizations that own multiple properties.
  • Provides organizations and their events and venues with a permanent page that they can update at any time. For annual events, this means that they don't have to re-enter information about the event.  Instead, they can simply enter the dates for the next year and anything else that's changed.
  • Nearly unlimited room for text, video, and photos.  
  • Easy to copy and paste text from an existing site or from another document, such as a press release.
  • Includes every event repeating pattern imaginable.
  • Incorporates all of an organization's social media accounts; supports event hashtags.
  • Create a list of upcoming events that you can embed in your own site.  Enter your events once on The History List and they appear automatically and immediately on your site.
  • Create a combined list of events from multiple organizations based on the name of the organization or a tag. The combined event list is updated automatically and immediately when any additions or changes are made on The History List. 

In addition, The History List publishes . . .

And we organized History Camp, the first unconference or barcamp dedicated to history.

Logistics and expressing your interest

In terms of location, you could be in the Boston or Metrowest areas, or across the country working and collaborating via Skype.

You don't have to be a history major, but you do have to have a demonstrated passion for and interest in historic sites and history organizations (e.g., historical societies or history museums).  We're definitely not looking for any of the people listed in the broadside below.  (It's from around 1855 and is today in the New Bedford Whaling Museum in New Bedford, Massachusetts.)

Interested?  Let me know the skills you'd apply and the ones you'd  like to learn and develop, and please send examples of your work, with links to social media, papers, presentations, videos, or other work.

Lee Wright, Founder of The History List


Poster at the New Bedford Whaling Museum

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