March 31, 2015

History Camp Boston 2015

History Camp Boston 2015 took place at the Harriet Tubman House on Saturday, March 28. Despite a late change in the date and location, it was nearly full. Pictures from the day are below.

Other materials online include the session descriptions with speakers, the schedule for the day, slides from some of the sessions, and the post-event report, which includes the results of an extensive survey.

This was the second History Camp anywhere. The first was a year earlier in Cambridge.

The next History Camp is taking place in the Midwest: History Camp Iowa will take place in Des Moines on November 14. It's being organized by a group of local volunteers and will take place at the Iowa History Museum, just a few blocks from the state capitol.  And with the election in full-swing and the caucuses just weeks away, it will be an especially interesting time in Iowa.  Registration and additional details are online at

History Camp Boston 2016 is taking place on March 26 at the same location as we used this year. Registration is open and you can submit a session here.

If you're not familiar with History Camp, "This is History Camp" is a quick introduction.  


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