November 22, 2018

Gifts for History Lovers—Historical documents, jewelry with our original designs, exacting reproductions, signed books, unique prints


For every history loverthe "Declaration of Independence" printed by hand, available in three broadsides:

3 Versions of the Declaration of Independence from The History List

Shown above from left to right: the Boston broadside "Decaration of Independence" from the printing Office of Edes & Gill, the Philadelphia broadside "Declaration of Independence" from John Dunlap, and the Baltimore broadside "Declaration of Independence" from Mary Katherine Goddard

We also have a pre-ratification broadside of the "U.S. Constitution" and the The Bill of Rights before the Amendments were approved.

US Constitution and Bill of Rights

Our original design honoring the "1773 Boston Tea Party". Made by hand in New England. Each bracelet comes in a beautiful box and includes a small card with a historical account of the event along with a "1773" sticker.

"1773 Boston Tea Party" bracelet

Also available, the  Stamp Act Bracelet and the "Seal of  Newport Rhoade Island Counsel" necklace with a large, oval wax seal featuring a sheep with the words, "Seal of  Newport Rhoade Island Counsel" from the Newport Historical Society. 

Jewelry from The History List

For the person with a lifelong love of history and for whom "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of history" might be their own credo, our "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of History" letterpress print in a handmade frame with conservation mounting.  The print is no longer available by itself.  However, we have two framed prints available we completed in anticipation of Christmas that are available to ship immediately.  One is in a wider profile (shown here), and the other in a narrower simpler frame.

"Life, liberty and the pursuit of history" framed print

For the home, the Old North Church Lantern, a replica of the ones used to signal the riders on the night of April 18, 1775, "Join or Die" framed print, and our exclusive Framed Set of Revolutionary Documents: "America to her Mistaken Mother" and "Britannia to America"

History decorations for your home

Make your own George Washington-shaped cookies with this cookie cutter. Made from eco-friendly, food-safe materials, durable and easy-to-use, this creates the perfect profile of Washington, with crisp, sharp edges.

George Washington Cookie cutter

To keep history lovers warm this season, our collection of super soft pullover sweatshirts is a great idea. We have the "History Nerd" with Ben Franklin in a deep red color and charcoal grey, "Revolutionary Superheroes" in light blue, "History Nerd" with Abraham Lincoln in deep red, and "Repeal of the Stamp Act" in charcoal grey.

Pullover sweatshirts from The History List

For hardcore history lovers, the "1773" Boston Tea Party shirt, the "Victory" shirt, and the "We hold these truths - July 4, 1776" shirt. These shirts are not only visually striking but the meaning behind the designs will surely be a conversation starter. Be a rebel and stump the average person!

hardcore history shirts

Our "Join or Die" collection, with a crewneck shirt, women's v-neck shirt and women's long-sleeved shirt. Also in a framed print, sticker, and magnet.

"Join or Die" shirts

For the Civil War buff, our original "History Nerd" with Abraham Lincoln shirt and the "History Nerd" with a Civil War Soldier. It comes in two colors: charcoal grey and dark blue.

Civil War shirts

For the fun-loving history nerd, give them our popular "History Lover" with Ben Franklin shirt, or pick any item from our collection of "Revolutionary Superheroes". Featuring Abigail and John Adams, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton. We also have the "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of history" shirts in light blue and light red heather.

Funny shirts from The History List

For the proud history nerd scholar, flaunt your love for history with the "History Teacher" t-shirts and "History Major" shirt. Also available as stickers.

Shirts for history majors and history teachers

When you don't know their size,  the Embroidered "History Nerd" with Ben Franklin cap comes in a variety of colors.

"History Nerd" Caps

Another great choice is the "We hold these truths - July 4, 1776" mugs and the "History Nerd" with Ben Franklin mugs.

History coffee mugs

History buffs will enjoy our signed history books, such as the bestselling "The Road to Concord: How Four Stolen Cannon Ignited the Revolutionary War", signed by historian J. L. Bell.

The Road to Concord book by J. L. Bell

For the World War II aviation enthusiast, the illustrated and autographed books from the Eagles Over the Pacific series showcases some of the most dramatic combat photos ever taken during aerial warfare, maps of every mission flown and aircraft profiles. Signed books in the series include "Warpath Across the Pacific", "Revenge of the Red Raiders", "Rampage of the Roarin' 20's" and "Ken's Men Against the Empire"


For the younger history buffs, a signed copy of the book “Twenty-One Heroes“ by Sam Forman. Inspired by the 21 graves of soldiers who died at the Continental Army’s encampment along the Delaware River and a signed copy of the American Revolutionary War Adventures series, "Patriots, Redcoats & Spies" by Robert J. Skead and Robert A. Skead. The book chronicles the daring adventures of twin boys during the Revolutionary War.


21 Heroes and Patriots, redcoats and spies book

For the history nerds in the making, our "History Nerd in Training" shirt comes in light pink and red. Kids will also love our "Revolutionary Superheroes" poster.

Gifts for history kids

For stocking stuffers, our most-loved stickers and magnets in one pack. Choose between our “History Lover” sticker and magnet pack"Revolutionary War" Sticker pack, and "History Major" sticker pack.

History nerd stickers and magnets

Find all these great gift ideas and more at The History List store.


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