September 22, 2015

Compiling a list of 2016's best reenactments

What are the "can't miss" reenactments‬ in the U.S in 2016?

We're compiling a list covering all eras and types, from military to farming and everything in between.  Both the great large annual reenactments and the ones that are going to be exceptional in 2016 because of a major anniversary.

Once we're confident that the list is fairly comprehensive, we'll publish the list here and on Facebook and Twitter.  (We're also working on a new section for The History List with, you guessed it, Lists.)

Please add your recommendations below, including the size, location, and what's notable about 2016.  And please ask others, especially those who are members of reeanctor groups, to nominate reenactments for inclusion.

The annual Redcoats & Rebels reenactment at Old Sturbridge Village

Redcoats & Rebels (2008) at Old Sturbridge Village, the largest Revolutionary War reenactment in New England.  It occurs annually.

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